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Snusmania was founded in Denmark in autumn 2019. We have since then supplied all of Scandinavia with high quality nicotine pouches and chewing tobacco. We thrive on the idea of becoming the top supplier of snus in Europe and we want to make that happen. In spring of 2022 we launched our first real snus store in Herning, Denmark. We have since then had visitors from all over Europe, coming to engage in the knowledge and know-how of "snus" and nicotine pouches. Our top priority is to ensure that no costumers waits to long for their snus.

We consider our costumers to be our friends

No one wants to wait, and neither do you


There is no doubt in our minds that snus, chewing tobacco and nicotine pouches are a risk to our health.

.. But

It is 78% less harmfull than smoking cigarets and cigars. However we never recommend using tobacco or nicotine to begin with. We believe in our own free choice of living and the choice should always be made with caution.

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